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Will not work when compiled in "Release" config

Dec 10, 2010 at 12:42 AM

Im having a cow over trying to solve this one:

when I compile the library in the "Debug" profile, it works without a hitch! as soon as i compile it in "Release", it stops working

I've been battling over it for quite a while now, and really need to figure it out. I do not code in C++, working with C#, and NET4.0.

If i compile it with "Debug" configuration, it will not work on client computers until i install a debugger (eg: c++ express), which would be fine for a small project, but I have to make a single-package installer.

Please let me know how to get it to work, or at least get a workaround for the "Debug" assembly to run without a debugger. THANK YOU!!!!



Windows 7 (Program will only run on Vista, 7, and up)